English Teacher

Roeun Rint

My name is Rint, I was born and raised in the Sotr Nikom district of Siem Reap province. My parents are farmers, and I am the second of three siblings.  

Despite facing financial struggles, my family encouraged me to pursue higher education and secure a well-paying job. I promised myself that I would never let them down.  

2018 was a tough year for me as I failed my national examination for the first time. Finally, in 2019, my hard work paid off as I passed the exam.   

Since 2020, I have been pursuing an undergraduate degree in TEFL at the University of South-East Asia. 

REACH is a platform that provides underprivileged children with the chance to improve their standard of living through education. I wanted to work with REACH to contribute to the goal of educating the younger generation and helping them escape illiteracy and poverty. 

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