Communications Officer

Penélope Guevara

My name is Penélope Guevara and I was born in Pachuca de Soto, México. I come from a small family. My grandmother had a massive role in my life after my parents divorced.   

I studied up until high school in my hometown. I moved to México City to continue my studies in Marketing and Publicity. After two years of living there, I decided to change my lifestyle. That is, I decided to discover the world.  

After months of uncertainty (Covid-19), I decided to make a life in Cambodia. I started a food business, but it was not my passion workwise, so I decided to apply for a job back in Marketing.   

My goal was to find a place where I could grow and learn professionally and personally. Finally, I got hired at REACH as a Communications officer, and I’m delighted to say that I ticked all the boxes on my goal list!   

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