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  • Evaluating our impact: Lyna’s choice

    REACH's programs have been methodically designed with a solid purpose; to break long-standing, inter-generational poverty cycles.

    Although we talk about this goal frequently, it is imperative that we continually evaluate our programs by assessing the impact that they are having on our families. Whilst we can systematically collect data, carry out surveys, and track our findings, it is the organic offering of this information by determined mothers and fathers that tell us the most.

    Returning from a recent house visit, our social worker was almost in tears over the conversation she had just had with one of our resilient mothers, Lyna*.

    This is Lyna’s story.

  • REACH has teamed up with Green Gecko Project to prevent human trafficking.

    Our communication with Green Gecko Project first unfolded in November last year when we hosted a screening of the film to all of our staff. The purpose of this screening was to educate our staff on the dangers and warning signs of human trafficking which is a huge risk to vulnerable children and adults in Cambodia. After seeing this on social media, leading actor Sarm Heng, who grew up with the love and support of Green Gecko - an NGO founded by Tania Palmer in 2005 to prevent the human trafficking of street kids and their families - got in touch with us to collaborate. Sarm and Tania came to REACH for a meeting, and we learned that the initial purpose of their involvement within this film was to be able to raise awareness on the dangers of illegally crossing borders in search of work. 
  • Side by Side reflection

    As I sit here with tired legs, three days on from our final bike ride with REACH’s teenagers, I feel an immense wave of gratitude for every sponsor...
  • Rice Rewards

    It has been 8 months since our direct response to the pandemic prompted the distribution of monthly emergency relief packages; a critical lifeline for so many families. As government schools began to reopen in stages, we made the decision to re-evaluate the distribution protocol to further ensure and monitor that their children’s education is being prioritised by all guardians.
  • Collaboration is key.

             At REACH, we firmly believe that collaboration is key. By connecting with like-minded organisations, with strong values and parallel go...
  • Sponsor a youth on our Side by Side ride… we only have 15 places left to fill!

    With our upcoming Side by Side ride and newly established REACH Riders Club, we are very proud to introduce to you our newest team member: bike mec...
  • 6 Month Reflection

    “The possibilities are numerous when we decide to act, not react.” - GEORGE BERNARD SHAW From the moment our gates shut in March due to Covid res...
  • Laleh Mohmedi of @jacobs_food_diaries partners with ‘REACH Siem Reap’ to help feed hungry kids in Cambodia.

    @Jacobs_food_diaries is endorsing REACH Siem Reap; help Laleh feed kids in Cambodia!

    With a passion for nutrition and the wellbeing of children around the world, Laleh is proudly partnering with REACH; she wants to help us feed our disadvantaged kids and families while promoting our cause far and wide.
  • The importance of youth empowerment.

    “Modern day slavery” constitutes of individuals being bought, forced or coerced into exploitative labour under false premises. Cambodia is ranked 9th out of 167 countries on the Global Slavery Index. As you are reading this, approximately 260, 000 Cambodians that were living in poverty have recently been sold lies of a promising future by traffickers, before being trafficked both within and across borders. At this moment in time, approximately 260, 000 Cambodians are being forced to work in abhorrent environments for little to no pay or to debt bondages. At this exact second, thousands of them are trapped indefinitely at sea on fishing boats, working 20 hours a day, unknowing of the next time their feet will touch land.

    Even more shockingly, many of them are under the age of 16 years old.

  • Introducing the REACH Repairs Shop

    Traveling around the dusty roads in Cambodia, you are sure to encounter a fusion of noise, traffic and “organised” chaos. It consists of the more p...
  • Video Update from Joe & Emily

    In hindsight, we should have sent out this video blog on the same day we launched our match grant campaign, but we never expected that the support...
  • Focusing on our families...

    With so much sadness and desperation surrounding us, our team think it’s important to stop and take a moment to reflect on all the good that we are doing. With your help, we are keeping each of these beautiful families fed and supported...